A Hot Dog a Day Number 18: Devo's Dogs in Marlborough, MA

It's the 18th day of my quest to eat a hot dog a day in honor of National Hot Dog Month and today's journey led me to Trombetta's Farm in Marlborough, Massachusetts. Trombetta's is located at 655 Farm Road- but I wasn't looking for perennials, I was looking for Devo's Dogs.

Nestled amongst the nursery stock is the well appointed trailer that houses Devo's Dogs.

Owner Chris Devoe runs the business with his father. The two were in the flooring business together prior to opening Devoe's Dogs. Their mutual love of food and cooking led them to purchasing the well appointed trailer, complete with flat top grill, steamers and deep fryers.

Chris approached Charlie Trombetta, pictured below, four years ago about locating at the farm. Charlie thought Devo's Dogs would be a good fit, so he told Chris to "come on down."

Chris' dad, Ron Devoe, works the truck with Chris and helps with the many catering gigs they do. Both Ron and Chris have roots in the Marborough youth sports community as coaches and Ron used to run concessions for Marlborough youth soccer and hockey. They still run concessions at local tournaments and Chris coaches hockey at WPI. Making the jump from amateur concessionaires to professional hot dog men was an easy task.

Chris hopes one month old C.J. Devoe, his first child, will join the elder Devoes when he gets a bit older. For now, C.J. is just a cute mascot.

Trombetta's is a great fit for a hot dog trailer- there's already an ice cream stand on the premises!

There's also a wooden toy craft shop- kids can come in and assemble, then paint, a wide variety of wooden toys. It's a popular kid's birthday party destination (my kids have gone to several birthday parties there).

As if that weren't enough, there's also indoor mini golf. Forget Disneyland, go to Trombetta's with the kids and cap off the day with a hot dog and an ice cream!

I was joined on today's visit by Nicole Simmons, The Metrowest Daily News new media editor and Wicked Local Food Blogger. We had a few laughs- and a hot dog.

The dining room is perhaps the most well appointed hot dog trailer dining room I have ever seen. The garden setting is pleasant and far more visually appealing than the standard parking lot picnic benches. The joint was hopping today...

...as evidenced by the long lines at Devo's.

Chris was hard at work cranking out the orders.

Devo's serves up a full menu. Hot dogs are featured, but you can also get burgers, meatball subs, chicken parm, grilled chicken, sausage, steak and cheese, a full spectrum of fried foods and much more.

Nicole went for a Buffalo Dog- Buffalo hot wing sauce with bleu cheese.


...and loved it.

I went for a Texan: Chris's special chili (which is actually more like a Coney Island sauce), onions, cheese and BACON. All of that is on top of a Kayem Old Tyme Frank on a grilled roll.

Time to 

The chili was AWESOME. There were lots of interesting flavors: coriander and spices gave it a sharp yet mellow kick- not overpowering but you knew it was there. The bacon, onions and cheese rounded out the flavors and the dog was cooked to perfection.


Happy National Hot Dog Month!

Stop by Devo's Dogs the next time you're in Marlborough and tell Chris, Ron, and C.J. "the Hotdogman sent me."

See the rest of the story and the video of our visit on Hot Dog Stories

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