A Hot Dog a Day Number Eleven: Hot Dogs and More in Rochester, MA

For the eleventh installment of eat a hot dog a day for National Hot Dog Month, Mrs. HDM and I found a little, out of the way trailer called Hot Dogs and More.

Hot Dogs and More is located at the corner of County Road and Mary's Pond Road on the Wareham Rochester town line...

...in the parking lot of Adrian's Package Store.

The hot dog business is housed in a sparkling red trailer...

...with a hot dog cart ingeniously mounted inside!

Last year, they sold dogs straight from the cart- they put it in the trailer to keep out of the elements!

Our server today was the fabulous Rose- a friend of the owners who was helping them out today.

Rose was serving up standards like red hot Kayem Old Tyme franks served All Around.

I got a picture of a patron and his hot dog in this 1965 Corvair.

The menu features hot dogs, linguica dogs, linguica patties and Italian sausages- a veritable charcuterie!

Mrs. HDM gave me the hand- but I caught her on video!

I ordered up a dog all around and 


Two thumbs up for Hot Dogs and More!

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