A Hot Dog a Day Number Ten: Dee's Hot Dogs in New Bedford

On Sunday July 10th, I went in search of my tenth hot dog of national Hot Dog Month. Since many hot dog joints close on weekends and I wanted to try somewhere new, I googled "Hot Dogs in Marion, MA" and found the Facebook Page for Dee's Hot Dogs in nearby New Bedford. Dee's has two locations, one on Achusnet Avenue and one on Tarkiln Hill Road. The Tarkiln Hill Road location was open on Sundays, so Little Miss and I hopped in the convertible and headed on down.

We were greeted warmly by the lovely and talented Jessica who explained about Dee's signature, homemade Coney Island Sauce.

Little Miss ordered up a half mustard/half plain dog while I opted for the Coney dog with some squeeze cheese. Dee's serves up a Kayem Old Tyme frank on a steamed roll. This is your classic New England hot dog, folks.

Little Miss liked hers...

I, of course, CHOWED DOWN!

This was the finest Coney Island sauce I have had in years. It had a smoky, spicy bite out front with a slightly spicy back bite. The perfect snap of that Kayem dog rounded it out quite nicely. I wanted another, but we were cooking up stuffed quahogs and clam chowder for supper and I needed to save some room.

Dee's definitely gets TWO THUMBS UP. When you stop by for a Coney, tell them "the Hotdogman sent me!"


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