A Hot Dog a Day Number Nine: The James "Cy" Belmore Field House Snack Bar

Baseball and hot dogs go together like white and rice, so I drove down to Hunnewell Fields, where the Natick Little League plays its games, today to check things out. In the summer time, Natick hosts the Baystate Baseball League's 9-10 year old games on Saturdays. 

The fields are very nice, there are cool scoreboards, and- most importantly- there is a snack bar. All the proceeds from the snack bar go to the James Belmore Little League Scholarship Fund.

Last fall, we lost a very dear and long time friend of the league, James "Cy" Belmore. Cy gave over 50 years of service to the league, serving as a member of the Board of Directors, a coach, League President, and, in recent years, as the guy who ran the snack bar.

To honor his contributions to the community, the current Natick Little League Board of Directors named the field house after him. The snack bar is located in the field house.

Here's Cy in his younger days. Little Miss LOVED going to the field to get a hot dog from Cy.

Jackson Hookway was manning the snack bar today.

Hotdogman Junior and a couple of coaches were hanging around too.

There aren't a lot of fancy condiments- ketchup IS ALLOWED since many of the patrons are well under the age of 18. The National Hot Dog and Sausage Council says "Don't use ketchup on your hot dog after the age of 18."

There's just mustard and relish packs- it's a pretty simple set up.

I dressed my Kayem Old Tyme frank with some mustard and...


Happy National Hot Dog Month!!!!

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