A Hot Dog a Day Number Six: Zippity Do Dog in Framingham, MA

For my July 6 hot dog- marking the 6th day of National Hot Dog Month- I stopped at an old favorite of mine:  Zippity Do Dog, located at 160 Speen Street in Framingham, MA.

Zippity Do Dog was formerly known as The Trolley Stop. Owner Mike Gerrol, pictured below with his helper and niece, Jen, has owned the charming, retro looking trailer for two years. He renamed the hot dog business at the start of this season to create his own business brand.

This isn't some cute little trailer with no guts in it; there's a full on commercial kitchen inside.

There is even air conditioning. You can't have hot dogs without cool cooks!

Mike's very concerned with quality- he feels the quality of his food is the single most important component to the success of Zippity Do Dog. He even went so far as to post this Quality Guarantee:

At Zippity Do Dog, we take pride in serving a quality product at a good value. At times it may take several minutes to prepare our customers' orders and you may also experience having to wait in line to be served. We apologize for any inconvenience and we will work as quickly as possible to minimize your wait- but we will NOT compromise on our quality guarantee:


We are NOT a "fast food" hot dog stand.

Thanks for your understanding.

The menu shows this dedication to quality, whether it's "the other stuff" or...

the hot dog menu.

The quality extends to the "dining room." Only Zippity Do Dog could make a parking lot look like a bistro (or maybe a charcuterie?)

Zippity Do Dog serves up Kayem franks- they also offer an all beef Pearl frank.

I ordered up a "Hawaiian Dog," a grilled Kayem Old Tyme frank on a grilled, split top bun with Mike's own "Hula Sauce" (a special blended barbecue sauce), pineapple, bacon, and melted cheese. This is one of my very favorite "non-conforming" hot dogs. Believe me, it tastes even better than it looks!

After mingling with Mike and his very friendly customers, I finally got to 


Zippity Do Dog is right near exit 13 off the Mass Pike, so if you're down that way, stop in for a hot dog and tell Mike "the Hotdogman sent me." And wish him a Happy National Hot Dog Month!

For the rest of the story, check out the video of my visit to Zippity Do Dog.

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