Boston Area Food Trucks Form an Official Association

I opened my Hot Dog Truck in 2004- far ahead of the current food truck wave that is sweeping the nation. Boston is getting into the street food scene with dozens of mobile food vendors gracing the city streets. It appears food trucks are organizing. Here's a press release I received in my email yesterday:

 Boston, MA -- Most people love to eat. In fact, here’s a statistic that probably won’t surprise anyone: Almost everyone loves food trucks, the newest trend in “eating out”! According to a survey by Technomic, 91% of those polled say they think food trucks are here to stay, 80% say they’ve bought food from a food truck – and, says Technomic, most people think that the increase in what’s known as “mobile food vehicles”(MFV’s) has only just begun!

Which explains why, in Boston, which has launched a comprehensive, rotating program for food trucks at key locations throughout the city – part of the “Boston Streets” program -- , MFV’s have now formed the Boston Area Food Truck Association, representing most of the Boston-area food truck menus, from gourmet grilled cheese to vegetarian Vietnamese to American burgers and all sorts of desserts, especially cupcakes and fro-yo. Representing over 30 menus – and growing every week—the new Food Truck Association includes most of the food truck vendors in the Boston area.

The Food Truck Association was formed because, throughout the country, in almost every major city, people are welcoming the new era of food trucks with gusto. Finally, says Association president Ron Sarni, “Folks in the Boston area can enjoy the new food truck trend with confidence. We want our organization to be the `Food Truck Stamp of Approval’ for consumers. If you see our Boston Area Food Truck Association logo on a food truck, you can trust that the food you’ll be buying and eating is of the highest quality since we’ve followed all the permitting rules and regulations.”

Where are the food trucks in Boston and how can you find them? The City of Boston has dedicated 15 locations with signage specifically for food trucks in public locations around Boston and on the Rose Kennedy Greenway near the waterfront. Consumers can check the following sites as to who’s where and when:

What delicious eats can you get from food trucks that are participating in the new “Boston Streets” program? Here’s a sampling:

What delicious eats can you get from food trucks that are participating in the new “Boston Streets” program?  Here’s a sampling:

·       BBQ Smith

·       Bon Me 

·       Go Fish Truck

·       Grilled Cheese Nation

·       Kick*ss Cupcakes 

·       Lincoln Street Coffee  

·       Mobile Home  

·       Redbones Food Truck 

·       The Cupcakory  

·       Clover     

·       Lefty’s Silver Cart

·       Roxy’s Grilled Cheese

·       The Dining Car

·       Savory Food Truck

Generally, here’s where you can find food trucks throughout Boston, seven days a week:

· Boylston Street, in front of Library
· 140 Fenway/end of Forsyth Street

· Clarendon Street (between Newbury & Boylston)
· Back Bay/Pru –Belvidere Street

· Columbus Avenue @ Park Square
· BU/Comm Ave – Morse Aud.

· Stuart Street/Trinity Place
· BU/Comm Ave – near BU Bridge

· Columbus Avenue @ Berlkley Street
· Museum of Fine Arts parking lot

· 1313 Washington Street/Peter’s Park
· Harrison Avenue, across from BMC

· Dorchester, near Ashmont Station
· Washington Street – near Cathedral

· Marine Industrial Park (Dock #3)
· Charlestown Navy Yard

And, if you still have any doubts about food trucks, consider the following:

· Food from a food truck is easy to hold—and eat – seated or standing!

· Everyone’s trying to save a buck or two these days – a meal, snack and/or beverage from a food truck will be about half the price you’d pay at a full-service restaurant.

· Food trucks in Boston are required to keep a distance of 100 yards from a bricks-and-mortar restaurant – so both types of eateries co-exist peacefully.

· Food trucks offer up-and-coming chefs low-cost, entry-level opportunities to start their own businesses.

· Thanks to social media, you can find your favorite food truck anytime, any place.

A trend whose time has come – finally – to Boston. Bon app├ętit!!

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franchise business in the philippines said...

The food truck business is a real great thing. I don't see what's bad in great diverse tastes, low cost food and great people. I sure prefer it over any fast food restaurant in the local mall.


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