Good Night Irene

It has been quite a few days. Little Miss and I traveled to Rockport to visit Top Dog last Thursday.

Friday, we left for a weekend in Montreal for an annual family barbecue that features corn and... dogs (amongst other  things).

It was a glorious Saturday in our neighbor to the north. Mrs. HDM and I even managed to sneak in a Hot Dog Story. 

We had planned to do another, but Hurricane Irene had other plans for us. 

I needed to be in Boston at 10 AM Monday morning, so I decided to leave at 11 AM Sunday. I drove right into the teeth of Irene as she tore up the Connecticut River Valley in Vermont. I saw flooded farms, raging rivers and a lot of devastation. It was a scary ride, but I managed to make it home in about eight hours (it normally take me 5 hours). I came home to a couple of downed trees in our yard- one precariously close to the house, lots of debris outside and NO POWER. The power came on around 9 PM, but we were without internet until around 4PM Tuesday.

On Monday, my audition in Boston went well- I was called back for a second. I aim to make infomercials and do a TV Food show about hot dogs. I will keep the faithful posted on these developments.

Anyhoo- I am back, safe and I have two Hot Dog Stories in the can. Top Dog should be up in a day or two and the Montreal story- nearly entirely in French- will be up later this week or early next week.

My heart goes out to the folks in Vermont who suffered severe flood damage as a result of Irene and to all the others who were affected by this storm. I count myself lucky that all I had to bear was a few hours with a chain saw and a couple of days without internet and cable.

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