Las Vegas is HOT

Las Vegas does get hot, but it is a very cool city. I have been to Vegas 22 times but I never went beyond the Strip or downtown until my in-laws relocated there. My father in law works for Bechtel- the humongous contstruction company that bids on large, public works projects. He got transferred to Vegas a few years back and he went shopping for homes for sale in Summerlin.

Summerlin is a tidy subdivision out near Red Rocks National Park. It's away from the bright lights of the strip and unlike the Las Vegas high rise condos you'd find there, its more of a conventional neighborhood. When people think about Las Vegas real estate, they picture glitz and glitter, not neat, single family homes.

The fact is, Las Vegas is a very liveable city. Everything is new and it's easy to get around. It is also a very clean city. If not for the slot machines in the grocery store, you wouldn't know you were in Las Vegas!

I keep telling Mrs. HDM that we should move out there when the kids get out of school, but we both have reservations because we like the shore. My mother in law mentioned up Lake Las Vegas as a solution to our conundrum. This place is set on a 320 acre, man-made lake. There are golf courses, a marina, restaurants, and a quaint, old world village with shops and boutiques. It might not be set on the ocean, but as long as we got a pool, Mrs. HDM would be happy. Who knows, maybe we'll live there some day.

Check out the video on Real Estate Las Vegas.

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