A Hot Dog a Day in July: Recap

Well, July is over and so is my mission to eat a hot dog a day in celebration of National Hot Dog Month. I had a lot of fun with this project and I got a lot of good feedback from friends, family, fans and hot dog lovers everywhere. I met some great new people and reconnected with some old friends. That's the great thing about hot dogs- they bring people together. I have seen ex cons and cops eating hot dogs together at hot dog joints, drag queens and construction workers, old an young, rich and poor- it just doesn't matter who you are, the hot dog unites us all.

Here are some photos from my 31 different stops, in order of appearance.

Day one was at the Kayem plant. Executive Chef, Susanna Tollini, put out quite a spread and was a real good sport. I also got to tour the plant (no pictures though).

On Day two I shared a hot dog with the big green fella at Frankenstein's in Wareham.

Day three featured a cookout at home with some of the hot dogs the good people at Kayem gave me.

Day four's hot dog was at the Kool Kone beach shack in Marion.

On day five I chowed down at the Dog House of Medfield as owner Ross Scanlon looked on.

On day five I got a Hula Dog at Zippity Do Dog in Framingham.

Day seven featured a Michigan Dog at Archie's on a Roll in Marlborough.

On day eight I had the Friday special of the day- a Mediterranean dog at Snappy Dogs.

On day nine, I had a hot dog at the James "Cy" Belmore Field House at the Natick Little League fields.

Day ten found me at Dee's Hot Dogs in New Bedford.

Day eleven's hot dog was chowed at Hot Dogs and More in Rochester.

On day twelve I ate the ceremonial first hot dog at the Nashua Silver Knights' $1000 hot dog night.

I got to throw out the first pitch too!

Day 13 found me at The Recession Stand in Southborough.

C&R Hot Dogs in Holliston was the fourteenth stop.

Bill's Dog House in Framingham was day fifteen's dog.

The sixteenth hot dog was eaten at a barbecue at the beach with friends and family- once again courtesy of Kayem.

The lovely ladies at Gary's Best in New Bedford hosted me, Mrs. HDM, and Little Miss on day seventeen.

Devo's Dogs in Marlborough was the choice on day eighteen.

Bruce and Jeannie Farago hosted day nineteen at Jeannie's Weenies in Holliston.

The twentieth stop was at Fred's Franks in Wakefield.

On day twenty one, I returned to the town of my youth to dine at Dog Gone Ron's in Needham.

The Edge Diner in Shrewsbury hosted day twenty two.

On day twenty three, I went to Spillane Field in Wareham to catch the Cape League Wareham Gatemen game, and have a hot dog from the crazy gals at the concession stand.

On day twenty four, Mrs. HDM, Little Miss and I went to Naughty Dogs in Fairhaven.

Day twenty five found me at a regional hot dog icon, George's Coney Island in Worcester.

Day twenty six found me at a place that's only been open for a month, Eugene's Coffee and Hot Dogs in West Newton.

Day twenty seven (my birthday) featured a 2011 Camaro from my blogging buddy Drew Bennet and a trip to Larry Joe's New England Fire Pit in Bellingham.

The twenty eighth stop found me back in Worcester at the Dogfather.

The twenty ninth stop was the first place I ever remember eating a hot dog and the oldest continuously run hot dog joint in Massachusetts, if not the world. The Casey family has been serving hot dogs since 1890 at Casey's Diner in Natick.

The thirtieth stop was at a little cart called That's My Dog in Plainville.

The thirty first and final stop was at another area icon, Nick's Original Coney Island Weiners in Fall River.

It was a heck of a good time eating at 31 different places in July. The best part is my cholesterol went DOWN 30 POINTS! So much for hot dogs being bad for you.

The Hot Dog Truck will not be updated until next week. Mrs. HDM and I are going to Maine for a few Hot Dog Stories!

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