Hot Doggin in Maine

Every summer, Mrs. HDM and I take a long weekend and head up to Maine. This year, we got in the car on Friday morning with no reservations for a place to stay and a mission to eat hot dogs, eat lobster, drink beer and hit the beach. 

We motored up route 1 with the top down. Our first stop was at Yank's Franks in Wells for a hot dog and a Hot Dog Story.

Further up route 1, we stopped at Shields Meats and Produce. They make Shields hot dogs and I wasn't able to get "the full story" this day, but I snapped some pictures of their Red Frankfurters (it's a Maine thing). I will be interviewing one of the owners later this week.

The next stop was in Kennebunk to visit an old favorite- Hot Diggity Dog- for another hot dog and another Hot Dog Story.

We headed up route 1 some more in search of accommodations and checked in at one of the most flea bag dumps I have ever had the misfortune to stay at. One local friend thought this place only charged by the hour.

Next we tooled down route 9 and took a cruise through Biddeford Pool before heading into Kennebunkport for some browsing and strolling.

This is a cool old Studebaker parked in downtown Kennebunkport.

After meeting an old friend for a drink, we headed out to Nunan's Lobster Hut for dinner. Nunan's is THE BEST PLACE TO GET LOBSTER ON THE PLANET!


...and lobster were the meal of choice.

I think this one needs more time in the pot!

After dinner, we hit a place out on route 1 in Arundel called Bentley's Saloon. They hang Harleys from the rafters- this one is a 1934 Harley.

They also play good music. Friday's band was The Ride and they rocked out some classics all night long.

Bentley's encourages patrons to dance on the tables and "ride the Hog." 

They discourage "support wear."

We got a much better motel room Saturday morning up in Old Orchard Beach and hit the pier.

We had a beeyah at the peeyah.

Then we had some Wicked Good Weiners and did another Hot Dog Story.

I don't think this guy is really Elvis...

After lunch we biked up to Scarborough Beach and spent the day there.

There were tons of kite surfers-this looks like fun!

Mrs. HDM was proudly rockin the six pack!

Someone always has some interesting sand sculptures working. This is a giant sand shark...

...munching on a Barbie.

After the beach, we cleaned up, headed back to Nunan's for dinner and snapped this picture of an old truck in a front yard. You aren't really from Maine unless you have an old truck in the front yard.

After dinner, we had a few beers with a friend and headed back to Old Orchard. We stopped in at Jimmy the Greeks in Old Orchard for a night cap and Mrs. HDM was psyched to see they had a mechanical bull. My back won't let me ride these things, but she went on it three times!

On Sunday it was a little more  beach, a little more strolling Kennebunk and dinner in York with my aunt and uncle. 

We love Maine!

I'll be posting the Hot Dog Stories we did on our trip (there are 4 of them) over the next week or so.

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1 comment:

Yank's Franks said...

Hey HDM and Mrs. HDM, I wish I knew you were going to Old Orchard Beach. There is another great place to eat there called, Hoss & Mary's Tasty Grub. Maybe next trip.
Thanks for stopping at Yank's Franks. Next time you'll meet Mrs. Yank, aka Hot Diggity.

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