Fred's Franks: In Search of the Shnurble

To celebrate the last day of training for my new job, the boss sprung for lunch at Fred's Franks! My new co-workers had never been there and they were curious about the Shnurble.

These guys were curious too!

Fred's Franks is owned by Carl Gallasso, a former high tech type who spent 25+ years in the semi conductor business before taking an early retirement (he got laid off) a few years ago. He met former trailer owner, Fred, and bought the business. Carl has the market cornered on cool- just check out those shades!

Carl was grilling up Shnurbles today, as he does every day.

Carl grills on the Big Green Egg grill, "the Original American Designed Ceramic Cooker. Derived from an ancient clay cooker called a "kamado," the modern Big Green Egg has undergone many improvements since it was introduced in 1974. Especially significant is replacement of the clay used in early models with durable space-age ceramics developed specifically for Big Green Egg to make the EGG® virtually indestructible under ordinary cooking conditions."

Carl uses Wicked Good Charcoal, a five hardwood blend of lump charcoal made in Maine. He also throws apple wood into the mix. Good Stuff!

I had to admonish one of my new, young co-workers about putting ketchup on her hot dog...

Soone enough, my Shnurble was done! A Shnurble is a half link of chourico split down the middle, and a quarter pound, Pearl, all beef frank. The meats sits on a bed of sweet cabbage, mayonnaise, Carl's Sharasababa sauce, and Cholula hot Sauce. This is one serious sandwich!

Time to

It's a serious sandwich that's seriously AWESOME!

Head on up to Wakefield when you get a chance. Fred's is just off the rotary of exit 40 on route 128. Get yourself a Shnurble and make sure you tell Carl "the Hotdogman sent me." Wear your shades too.

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