Coming Attractions

In the next week or so, I have a couple of visits planned. My new co-workers and I are headed back to Fred's Franks today for lunch and a Hot Dog Story. It will be a fun trip- there will be a couple of Fred's "newbies" in the crowd, so I should get some good reactions.

The family and I intend on hitting the SoWa Open Market down in Boston on Sunday. We plan on doing some early Christmas shopping, but the real attraction is the plethora of food trucks that are present each Sunday. The list includes:

BBQ Smith
Bon Me Foods
Boston Frosty
Boston Speed Dog
C-Cups Cupcakes & More
Go Fish
Grilled Cheese Nation
Grillos Pickles
Lefty’s Silver Cart
Lincoln Street Coffee
M&M Ribs
Rhode Illin Ice Cream
Roxy’s Gourmet Grilled Cheese
Silk Road BBQ
Staff Meal
The Cupcakory
The Dining Car
The Froyo Truck
Trolley Dogs

I am hoping Boston Speed Dogs is there (they post attending trucks on the SoWa Facebook page each Saturday). I haven't been to Speed's since Speed was running the joint! Speaking of Speed, my good friend Larry Joe of New England Firepit fame, is attempting to get me an interview with Speed (I will certainly keep Hot Dog Nation posted). I'd also like to talk to the Roxy's Gourmet Grilled Cheese guys- they are on The Food Truck Race and I'd just like to stop and say "hi."

It should be a fun couple of trips. Now that the summer is over, I will be toning down Hot Dog Stories to one per week or so through the fall. I have also begun to plan next summer's National Hot Dog Month Tour!

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Anonymous said...

Iwas just watching the history Channel "American Pickers" and they are talking about hot dog the coney dog invented in Michiagn. Please confrim this

you can watch it online at the history channel

hotdogman said...

The true origin of Coney Island sauce is a matter of great mystery and contention. It has been the subject of University studies! Todoroff's Original Coney Island in Jackson Michigan gets a lot of accolades as being "the first" Coney Island Sauce, but the true origin of the sauce is not so cut and dry.

Watch for a detailed post on this subject in the near future.....

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