What's Up With the Hotdogman?

It was quite an eventful summer for me. I ate a Hot Dog a Day in July to celebrate National Hot Dog Month. The frantic pace of visiting a new venue everyday and producing a video AND a written post was hectic, but a ton of fun. I garnered national attention with appearances in The Metrowest Daily News, The Boston Globe, WCVB Channel 5, NECN, UPI, WZLX- Boston's Classic Rock, NPR and a whole bunch of other places.

My wife and I combined a vacation in Maine with a mini hot dog tour and a trip to Montreal with the first Hot Dog Story done entirely in French.

My lovely wife has a great sense of humor, but she can't quite understand how writing and filming videos about hot dogs and hot dog joints can generate income. While I am not getting rich, I am earning money with my "new found fame" from advertising revenue, affiliate links and Adsense.

Writing about (one of ) my passions is genuine and fun. I have found an audience!

The whole stunt about eating a hot dog a day has opened up some interesting opportunities for me. I will be producing at least two hot dog documentaries about Boston area icons. These will have far better production values than my current portfolio of videos, but they will still have the same reverence for the hot dog and sense of fun that has made this whole series successful.

Other opportunities have presented themselves as a result of my quest and led to an interesting new job for the Hotdogman. I am getting into the infomercial business! I won't say too much about it right now, other than training started yesterday. Our training was up in Wakefield, MA- right near Fred's Franks. Naturally, everyone in training wanted to go for hot dogs.

I only had one taker today, so we rolled over to Fred's Franks (curiously owned by a guy named Carl) for a Shnurble. A Shnurble is an interesting "sandwich." It's a quarter pound Pearl, all beef frank, served on a large sub roll with a half a link of Chourico, sweet cabbage, mayonnaise, cholula hot sauce and Carl's own Sharasababa sauce. It is, quite possibly, the single most unique, regularly available hot dog in greater Boston.

My coworker, Dave, gave the Shnurble "two thumbs up!"

I had my flip cam with me and I shot this short video.

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