Winning Football Picks

For the fourth season, my little bro and I are putting our weekly football wagering choices on Winning Football Picks. Last season, we posted a very good PLUS 14.1 UNIT "profit" on our wagers. Yesterday, I went 4-0 on my plays, Laz went 0-1; that's 4-1 on the day!

Every week, we each pick every game in "pool play;" an "office pool" style set of picks. On game day, we put out our winning picks for the world to see for free. While we don't offer a lot of in depth analysis (there are plenty of places for that), we do give solid picks based on our years of experience in playing the oddsmaker's game. Overall, we have been collectively successful and we want to share our picks with you.

So if you want to get an edge up on your football "punting," check out Winning Football Picks.

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Where is the chow down...

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