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The Hot Dog Truck is a Blogger blog and it will probably always be; there are just too many posts and too much history to migrate it. One of my other sites, Hot Dog Stories, is a Wordpress site. I really wish I had put the Hot Dog Truck on Wordpress from the start, but there you are.

Wordpress offers a lot more in the way of SEO and site customization, but it has one downfall: Wordpress sites (particularly high PR ones) are a haven for comment spammers. There are plugins that prevent spam, but I just set my site for administrative review and periodically purge spam comments.

There are so many software programs that auto comment on Wordpress and I really don't see how spammers get the value out of it. If they want backlinks, they'd be far better off spending a few hours a week actually engaging in content on various sites. A good comment can even be spun into a post. By engaging other bloggers and site owners on a regular basis, you have the opportunity to not only create a quality backlink, but a solid business or social relationship as well.

I have collected a few of the more ridiculous spam comments, all of which included links or multiple links, and I share them with you here- with my editorial comments.

"My kids have never been good sleepers and they are both quite wakefull through out the night so they usually sleep until 8am." That's great commenter- but what does that have to do with a hot dog cart in Maine?

"Great stuff! Seriously. click here" Seriously? That's the best you can do?

"Negligence the truly amazing Flatlands which uses up north Tx or even the Panhandle is known as our prime Flatlands." OK, I think we need some lessons in basic thought construction.

"If you want to make $10-$150/hour and up to $3500/month of your free time working at
home part-time then this is the most important message you’re ever
going to read. Here’s why: 'Businesses need ME! They’re paying me money – CASH – to a
36-year-old work-at-home mother to get my opinion.'”  If I wanted to make that kind of money, why the hell would I sign up for a program that needs automated blog spam to spread the word?

"Yes, that’s right. We’ll pay you $25 when you sign up with us today!
We have an instant $25 market research survey you can take as soon as you join." I'll drop everything and get right on that....

"Since it was a public holiday in China the embassy decided to take a day of, so I went up to Tokyo for nothing." Sad story, but isn't Tokyo in Japan?

"upon coming into the world at 3 14 am he made his presence known he took in a deep gulp of air, filled his lungs to the brim and wailed." So we're putting sentence fragments from your crappy short story in blog comments now?

"I know that there are countless plug-ins designed to make the comments do-follow, but I’m looking for something that will make the links in the blog-posts themselves do-follow. Please include a link or detailed instructions on how to do this. Thanks!. Do you have any examples of themes that you know for a fact have do-follow links in the posts? I’m having a hard time finding good information about this by searching." Have you looked at the site, knucklehead? Does it look like it was designed by a savvy web stylist?

"justing bieber naked with his girl selnea gomez about to make a baby" OK, so now I will start posting links to sketchy celebrity porn sites- my readers will LOVE that.

"hello i found your blog today and I have read some good articles over here. I just wanna thanks you for posting sex dating it so we all can learn about it!" Not the best use of subliminal language there, pal.

"Niemniej nalezy idealnie poczytac o tym, ze lepiej farba wybierac wylacznie farby dobrych firm, jakie stosuja wysokiej klasy firmy budowlane. Owszem sa to troche kosztowne produkty, farby niemniej jednak ma sie wowczas pewnosc, iz przez sporo najblizszych lat nie musimy kolejny raz pokrywac farba calego wnetrza. Ponadtowszelkie nowoczesne kolory farby posiadaja w sobie takie cechy, iz bez klopotu da sie z nich za pomoca wody jak rowniez gabka pozbyc sie kazdego zanieczyszczenia. farby" To be fair, this might be a really well thought out, poignant comment, but I doubt it.

"Didn’t know the forum rules allowed such bilrilant posts." It's not a forum, it's a blog. Check those Xrumer settings buddy.

"Life is short, and this artlice saved valuable time on this Earth." This is actually quite a nice comment, except it was posted on a post that was just a PICTURE.

"Wheover edits and publishes these articles really knows what they’re doing." Aside from the spelling mistake, I agree with this commenter. Too bad the rest of the comment was laced with dodgy links to MLM sites.

"I had got a desire to begin my organization, however I didn’t have enough of cash to do this. Thank goodness my close friend proposed to take the mortgage loans. Thus I received the collateral loan and made real my desire." This is what happens when you outsource your keyword SEO linkbuilding to non native English speakers.

"There are a few interesting closing dates outlined in this article having said that i don?ft know if I see these folks center to heart." Uhm, OK....

As you can plainly see, this is NOT the way to comment on a blog. Barely understandable, irrelevant to the subject matter comments littered with links never pass my sniff test. Save your money and time, spammers. The Hotdogman don't play that game. One of these days, I might actually take all those IP addresses that Wordpress stores for me and spam YOU!

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