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You may be a mobile food industry veteran or a complete newbie. Either way, YOU NEED A WEBSITE for your business! It doesn't need to be fancy or have a lot of design graphics- in fact a simply laid out, easy to read site is best for this type of website. A typical food vendor website should have a home page with hours of operation and contact information and a picture of your operation. You should also have an "about me" page that just talks a bit about your business, a menu page, and a contact page. If you offer other services, like catering, that should have a page too. You might even want to have a page with photos, videos and such. You will also want your page linked to a facebook page for your biz and you'll want a twitter account so you can announce your daily whereabouts to twitter followers and facebook fans.

In today's marketplace, having a clean, easy to navigate, informative website that induces customers to TAKE ACTION is the single most powerful marketing tool any small business can have.

Consider these statistics:

75% of Americans use search engines on a regular basis
56% of Americans use Search Engines every day
40% of all search engine searches are for local businesses and services
54% of Americans regularly use the internet instead of the phone book to find local services
92% of all local searches will eventually convert into a sale
Roughly 10 billion search queries made per day
Google’s share of search queries: 59.2%
Yahoo’s share of search queries: 22.2%
Bing's share of search queries: 13.6%
All others: 5%

Like I said, you NEED a website. You've been "meaning to get around to it," BUT....

The "buts" can be things like:

"I don't have the time or know how to set up my own site."

"It costs a lot of money to set up and maintain a website."

"I just don't know where to begin."

Well now, the Hotdogman can change all that for you. I am offering a FREE WEBSITE SET-UP for hot dog and mobile food vendors. Your site will include:

-Premium Wordpress Theme with custom colors and header graphics
-a Home Page
-an About Me page
-a MENU page
-an onsite blog (you can post as little or as often as you like, but remember, search engines LOVE blogs)
-a photo/video page
-an "in the news" page
-up to 5 additional pages you can title anything you want
-a walk through on your site's functionality  (1 hour)

I will set the site up for you and show you how to easily use it and even include a link to your site from 3 of my highly ranked, hot dog related sites. I will even feature your site in a post-announcing it to the world!Your site will also be submitted to the major search engines and Google places.

I will also make sure you have links to your twitter and facebook accounts on your site. (If you don't have these-get them or I can set them up for a small fee).

So that's what I will do for you-FOR FREE!

You are probably wondering, what's the catch?

The catch is this- you will need to host your site and you will need a domain name. All I ask is that you buy your domain name from THROUGH THIS LINK and your hosting from HOSTGATOR THROUGH THIS LINK. NO MATTER WHO DESIGNS YOUR WEBSITE-YOU WILL HAVE TO BUY HOSTING AND A DOMAIN NAME. You won't pay a nickle more than if you went to these sites and bought them on your own, but I receive a commission on the sales bought through my links. That's how I can build your site for free. I am not marking up my services, I just want to make some sales for hosting and domain name purchases. It's a WIN-WIN situation! A Domain name will cost you $8-10 per year (only $5.99 if you use promo code CJC599V) and hosting will cost you $48-$84 per year (it's $3.96-$7.16 per month- the price goes down if you buy for multiple years).

I have seen a lot of web packages that cost anywhere from $500 on up to $5,000! You can buy a hot dog cart for that kind of dough!

If you have been meaning to get a website going for your mobile food biz, NOW IS THE TIME. Once Spring rolls around, you'll be too busy and you will let another year go by without having one. I will probably withdraw this offer then as I get busy in the Spring as well. For less than $100 you can be up and live in a week.

If you would like more information, email me

Keep on Doggin'

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