National Hot Dog Month 2012 Preparations Continue

The funding continues for National Hot Dog Month 2012. To date we have secured a sponsorship commitment from Onion Crunch, the new fried onion condiment that is sweeping the nation. We will be handing out samples of Onion Crunch at every stop on our tour

Negotiations with other sponsors continue, and my team and I are very close to making a major announcement in the coming weeks.

I have also submitted proposals to several production companies for distribution/production of the documentary that we will make. Team member Drew Bennett has secured a whole bunch of new camera equipment from some of the many companies he does his giveaways for. Drew will be riding shotgun, shooting a lot of the footage for this year's tour.

I also just received a $100 funding grant for the project on Indie Go Go from an anonymous source.

There are just 18 weeks and four days until the beginning of National Hot Dog Month, so jump on that bandwagon and get involved!

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d said...

How do I jump on this bandwagon Rob?

hotdogman said...

Jump on the bandwagon here:

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