Surgery, Narcotics, and the Shark Tank

Last Thursday, I had surgery for a severe Inguinal Hernia. After arriving home, I have spent the past few days taking it very easy while under the stupefying effects of the pain killer Oxycondone. I have a new found respect for women who have had C-sections. The pain of a healing abdominal incision is indescribable. It makes the pain of my fractured tibial plateau from a couple of years ago seem like a skinned knee. The pain accompanies every movement, even the slightest, and it is searingly unbearable.

I usually never take any any prescribed pain killers, I just don't like the way they make me feel. With this particular operation, I am not only taking them, but I am taking the maximum recommended dose. I have never been woken from deep sleep by pain, until now. While the pills do take the edge off the pain, I am left feeling out of it. I feel drunk, high and I have a kind of constant flesh creeping feeling. I really can't see why people would want to take this stuff recreationally, it is rather unpleasant. For the short term, I will trade the unpleasant feelings to stay largely pain free.

Throughout my pre-operative stage, I have put a bunch of irons in the fire. I have begun planning for my National Hot Dog Month 2012 Tour, I have started writing a couple of ebooks, I am planning a new personally branded website and I have begun one of several new joint ventures. The first joint venture to come to fruition is my new status as a co-author on my buddy Kirk Taylor's Shark Tank Site. Read my first Shark Tank post on The Last Lid, enjoy.

The nearly month long post operative stage should allow me to complete my ebooks and get my other projects off the ground-it's really easy to stay focused when you aren't allowed to drive!

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