SAT Practice Test FAIL

As frequent readers may know, I am a licensed teacher. I don't have a regular teaching gig, but I do some tutoring and I teach SAT Test Prep classes. The SAT has two parts: Math and Verbal. The verbal section allows 25 minutes to write a short essay which is then evaluated along with a series of multiple choice sections. Every three or four sessions of these SAT prep classes, we would administer a test as if it were the real SAT so the kids could practice under "real" conditions. The practice tests consist of tests from 4-7 years ago.

Last spring, while proctoring one of these practice tests, after the 25 minute writing session, we began the first of 4 multiple choice sections. One student raised his hand at the end of the first multiple choice section and asked to be excused to go to the bathroom. He never returned. Here are the answer sheets he left behind (I had to make copies- it was THAT bizarre): 

This kid's parents paid a little over $700 for this course. Way to go, kid.

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