Hamburger Stories and Lip Balm

Today is the day I meet up with The Hamburgerman and Drew from the Benspark blog at Casey's Diner. I will have photos and video of the event up tomorrow.

While a hot dog will be on the agenda as an appetizer, Casey's juicy hamburgers are the order of the day. Richard, The Hamburgerman, reviews burger joints all over the Boston area from the greasy spoon all the way up to the priciest gourmet burgers. I am interested to see where Casey's falls on his rating scale.

Since I will be spending most of the day on this outing, I am including a video I made for The Shark Tank Blog yesterday about Kisstixx, the chemically reacting,dual flavored lip balm that was recently funded on The Shark tank TV show. Their products are made in the USA and they are sure to add some flavor to your love life. The Hotdogman even manages a plug!


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Anonymous said...

Did you see obama and cameron eat hotdaogs at the b ball game. check them out...does obama have kethcup on his dog???

hotdogman said...

I did see that on the news. O'Bama is a Chicago guy, so I would assume ketchup is a no-no for him; but you can never tell with politicians....

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