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I got this email the other day:


We're reaching out to you because we're releasing our latest comedy video - a musical ode to that most Los Angeles figure of the L.A. nightlife : the HOT DOG LADY. She feeds us when we're famished, helps hold off that hangover, and throws in chips and a drink for only a dollar fifty extra. It's high time she got some love.

We're fans of the blog, and we'd love for you to post the video as a news blurb or feature, if it works for your content. Let us know if you're interested in posting it!

So yesterday, the boys sent me a link to the video along with their press release, the text of which follows. Enjoy.

We're Still Friends, an LA comedy team, have released their latest video "HOT DOG LADY." The group, whose videos have been featured on Funny Or Die, has written a musical ode to one the lovely ladies of the LA nightlife scene, the Hot Dog Lady. Starring group members Christopher Mena, Tony Vitali, and Jonathan
Howard and directed by Christopher Abbey, the HOT DOG LADY video is destined to become the anthem for hard-­working hot dog ladies everywhere.

"HOT DOG LADY" was written for that most ‘Los Angeles’ figure of the L.A. nightlife: the HOT DOG LADY. She feeds us when we're famished, helps hold off that hangover, and throws in chips and a drink for only a dollar fifty extra. It's high time she got some love. The video was shot entirely in downtown Los Angeles at the R&R Gallery and Silo Vodka Bar.

WE'RE STILL FRIENDS is Christopher Mena, Tony Vitali & Jonathan Howard. Their members include an ABC-­Disney Writing Fellow, an award-­winning graphic designer, and a non-­graduate of UCB Improv. You might think it's weird to mention that, but hey, Steve Jobs didn't graduate either, so don't judge. Their previous video "Tall Friend" (directed by Isaac Rentz) was featured on the front page of Funny or Die and deemed “funny.”

Jonathan Howard is a television writer from Meridian, Mississippi. He is a graduate of Morehouse College and the University of Southern California. He has written for Disney's "Phineas and Ferb" and "Kick Buttowski." He is currently doing freelance work in print and digital media, and also acting in local Los Angeles theater.

Tony Vitali is an art director/graphic designer at Rockstar Energy Drinks. Originally from Riverside, New Jersey, Tony was a founding member of the Dope Sandwich hip hop crew (awarded best hip hop group of Savannah from 2006-­2010) while attending the Savannah College of Art & Design.

Christopher Mena is an editor at the Discovery Channel's hit show "Sons of Guns" and helped organize the 1642 Comedy Social Club, which showcases established and up-­and-­coming comedians in the Los Angeles area. A graduate of the Savannah College of Art and Design, Chris is a native of Auburn, Alabama.

"HOT DOG LADY" was directed by downtown Los Angeles reisdent Christopher Abbey. This is his directorial debut. With 8 years in design and motion graphics, "Crabbey" has worked on projects with ABC ("Lost"), Sony Playstation, and Nickelodeon.

The video was produced by Will T.S. Coleman of Thorvald Moving Pictures. He recently produced a 2012 Slamdance featured film, "Holiday Road."

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Anonymous said...

Looks awesome!

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