Shark Tank Entrepreneur answers "The Question"

As regular readers may know, I have been working with my buddy Kirk Taylor on The Shark Tank Blog for the last month or so. The site has become wildly popular and has kept me pretty busy. One of the things I do is contact entrepreneurs who have been on the show and follow up with them about "life after The Shark Tank."

I most recently spoke to a guy named Donny McCall, inventor of The Invis-a-rack, a retractable pick up truck rack. Donny didn't get funded, mainly because he was unwilling to source manufacturing to China; he makes his product in the USA and wants to keep it that way. You can read about Donny HERE.

I asked Donny "The Question." Do you put ketchup on your hot dogs?

Now I like Donny, I really do. His stance on manufacturing in the USA is admirable. This country needs more entrepreneurs like him: committed to creating jobs, building community, and making things right here in the USA. I LOVE THAT!


...when I asked him "The Question," Donny said he puts ketchup on his hot dogs "sometimes."

I was disappointed, I explained The Rules to him, and I voiced my standard displeasure when people answer "The Question" in the affirmative.

The only solace I can take from this exchange is Donny uses ketchup that is made in the USA.

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