Hotdogman meets Hamburgerman

As you surely must know if you are reading this, I am the Hotdogman. One of the privileges that comes with that title is I get to go eat hot dogs at various establishments and write about it- or shoot video. It's a fun job.

There's a guy here in the Boston area who has a similar gig, the only difference is, he blogs about another All American delicacy: the Hamburger. Richard from The Boston Burger Blog is someone I have been following for a while, and I decided to reach out to him and invite him out to one of my favorite spots for a hamburger, Casey's Diner.

Yes, Casey's. While Casey's is renowned for its hot dogs, they make a damn fine hamburger too. They are consistently ranked in the top burger joints in the area, and with good reason; the burgers are out of bounds delish. Richard has never been to Casey's, so next Wednesday, March 14, we are going to check out some Casey's burgers together. Drew from the Benspark blog will be tagging along. He's practicing for the National Hot Dog Month 2012 tour, he's going to be my side kick and camera man. 

 It is sure to be a fun and delicious visit. 

Stay tuned....

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1 comment:

Larry said...

a meeting of the minds and stomachs at a classic place!

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