Show No Shelly Ehler Answers "The Question"

Regular readers may know I also write for the Shark Tank Blog, which I co-produce with my buddy Kirk Taylor. One of the things I get to do for that site is interview entrepreneurs that have appeared on the show. 

I ask them questions about their experiences in the Shark Tank, but I also ask them "The Question."

I recently spoke to Shelly Ehler, one of the most popular entrepreneurs to appear on the show to date. Her product was funded ON THE SPOT by my favorite Shark, Lori Greiner. Shelly invented the Show No, a towel that allows kids to change in and out of bathing suits (or anything else for that matter) in a "modest" fashion. It's a great product- in fact she's sending one along for Little Miss' swim bag.

Shelly was a delight to talk to- she's well grounded, inspirational, and full of purpose.

When I asked her "Do you put ketchup on your hot dogs," her answer was:

"NO! I use mustard, I never put ketchup on my hot dogs."

It was a very emphatic "NO!" Shelly's folks brought her up right.

So there you have it folks. The REAL secret to success on The Shark Tank.....

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