Two Sure Signs of Spring

We had a pretty mild winter here in Massachusetts, and you'll get no complaints from me about that. Even so, the Spring time is always exciting for me. It's when things warm up and green up, baseball season starts, and lots of other fun, outdoor activities get under way.

One of the first signs of Spring around my yard is the appearance of the crocus, that delicate, little flower that is the first to foist its blooms in the garden each season. When I see these, I know winter has come to an end. It just fill me with joy.

The next sign of spring can't be found in my yard, but it's ubiquity in the urban and suburban landscape all over this nation is a sign that winter's blanket of cold and gloom is about to be lifted.

I am talking, of course, about the hot dog cart!

Sure, there are hardy vendors that, like evergreens, never go away for the winter, but they are few and far between. Before long, hot dog carts will be in nearly every community, serving up their wares for another season of hungry customers looking for a quick, inexpensive and delicious meal.

Spring never looked so delicious!

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