Lori Greiner Answers "The Question"

I had a big "scoop" yesterday, I chatted with Royalty! Lori Greiner, the Queen of QVC, and I spoke for about an hour about entrepreneurship, patents, and the Shark Tank. The full interview will be published on The Shark Tank Blog later this week.

Whenever I interview someone for any reason, I have to ask them "The Question." Lori's royal status notwithstanding, I would have expected the answer she gave me. You see Lori's from the City of Chicago, not, as she put it, "from a distant burg." 

Any true Chicagoan would give me the same answer.

I asked, "Lori, do you put ketchup on your hot dogs?"

Her answer was an emphatic "NO! NEVER!" 

Lori goes for a Vienna Beef frank, on a poppy seed bun, with mustard and pickles. She doesn't do the full on Chicago Dog, but she does the City with Broad Shoulders proud.

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Yankee Buck said...

No surprise here, her being from "the City of Chicago, not, as she put it, "from a distant burg."" what would one expect her to answer?

>Said with a tone of motherly understanding and teaching.<
An answer given that's popular in one area of the country, does not make it the correct answer.

Peace, love and Ketchup!

hotdogman said...

Yankee Buck: How old are you?


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