Detroit Coney Tour

The Hotdogman isn't the only one who goes on hot dog eating tours. Authors Katherine Yung and Joe Grimm are organizing a bus tour of Metro Detroit featuring stops at famous Detroit Coney Island Hot Dog Shops. People on the tour will get a Coney dog and a history of each establishment at each stop.

 Detroit, like many other cities in the early 1900's, saw an influx of immigrants. Greek immigrants disproportionately opened up Coney Island Hot Dog Joints all over the country. A typical Coney Dog has a natural casing frank topped with a meat only Coney Sauce, onions and mustard.

 There are many Coney Island hot dog joints in my area, each boasting their own spin on the sauce. Coney Island sauce recipes are closely guarded secrets no matter where you go, but the Detroit area has claimed this brand of hot dog as their own.

Yung and Grimm are fellow hot dog lovers and have written a book called Coney Detroit. In this hot dog history lesson, the pair highlights famous Coney Island Hot Dog eateries in Detroit and across the nation. 

For more info on the tour, check out Rob's Hot Dog Tales.


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