Hot Dog Hand Bag by Debbie Brooks

What do hot dogs and hand bags have in common? Other then reaching into a hand bag for some cash for a quick bite, not much. Until now.

 I recently became acquainted with Debbie Brooks, a New York fashion designer who makes hand bags that are all the rage with celebrities and fashionistas alike. I must confess, I didn't know who the hell she was until she appeared on Shark Tank recently and I spoke to her for an interview on the Shark Tank Blog. In all fairness, my daughters knew her. Debbie and I hit it off and in one of those weird, serendipity-type moments, we began talking about hot dogs.

It seems Debbie made a stop not too long ago at the famous HillBilly Hot Dogs in West Virginia. Debbie, a vegetarian, was not there for the food, she just liked the funkiness of the place. Luckily, the young lady working that day was also a vegetarian and made Debbie a soy dog, HillBilly style.

The visit, the charm, and the yummy hot dog inspired Debbie to design a limited edition Hot Dog Hand Bag! I am currently working with Debbie's "people" to help craft and promote a contest related to the Hot Dog Hand Bag. A panel of judges from both the fashion and hot dog worlds will judge designs and pick a winning design. The winner will receive a hand bag, as will Sherri, co-owner of HillBilly Hot Dogs. I believe the young lady who served Debbie the soy dog will be getting one too. Yours truly will be one of the judges!

I will have many more details regarding the contest as they develop.

As always, stay tuned.......

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