National Hot Dog Month Tour: Week 1 Venues

National Hot Dog Month is almost upon us and final preparations are being made for this year's tour. Our funding campaign has gone slowly, but it is never too late to lend a hand!

Next Tuesday, June 26, I will be at historic Holman Stadium in Nashua New Hampshire to help the Nashua Silver Knights, a Futures Collegiate Baseball League team, kick off $1,000 hot dog night. Many hot dog wrappers will be stuffed with one, five, ten, twenty, and one fifty dollar bill. Patrons have a chance to win back the cash spent on their hot dog purchases. I will be throwing out the first pitch, eating the ceremonial "first hot dog," and officiating a hot dog eating contest between a variety of "combatants." Should be fun!

The next morning, on June 27, we will tour the Pearl Meats plant in Randolph, MA to get a look at how they make their franks and to get a little history on the company. Pearl is the Official Hot Dog of the National Hot Dog Month Tour for 2012.

The final schedule is being put together, but the first stops on the tour are set up. On Saturday night, June 30, I will be in New Bedford, MA at Fenway Sausage Works, a hot dog trailer set up in Custom House Square in New Bedford every Friday and Saturday Night from 10 PM- 2 AM. At midnight, I will eat the first hot dog of July, 2012 to kick things off!

On July 2, I will have a dog at Zippity Do Dog in Framingham, MA. Zippity Do Dog has been on the tour before, but is under new ownership. On July 3, I will travel to South Boston to dine at Sullivan's on Castle Island. This iconic joint is a long standing favorite in Southie and I will be joined by Southie native Aaron Socrat. On July 4, I will be grilling Pearls at the beach with the family! On July 5, it's off to Worcester to The Dogfather to try a new, "monstrous" hot dog combo put together by frankfurter Consigliere Mark Gallant. 

Travel plans are uncertain for the remainder of the weekend following the 4th of July, but as they firm up, so will the "tour stops." Stay Tuned!

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