National Hot Dog Month Day 9

July 9th brought cameraman and photographer extraordinaire, Drew Bennet to the tour. He'll be joining me on many of the remaining stops for National Hot Dog Month 2012 taking pictures and shooting the "second reel" of our videos for each daily video and the "dogumentary." 

This week, we'll be visiting the "Three Pearls" of the greater Boston hot dog vending community. Today was number one: Fred's Franks (curiously owned by a guy named Carl) in Wakefield, MA. Carl grills up Pearl Franks and his specialty of the house is THE SHNURBLE- a grilled, all beef, Pearl Frank with sweet cabbage, mayonnaise, "sharashababa" sauce, and chourico. It is worth the trip!

Drew has a great camera and he takes very good pictures (better than mine). He ought to, he's taken a photo a day for the past eight years or so on the Benspark Blog. Going forward, Drew will be posting most of the (good) photos on the Hot Dog Stories Facebook Page and I'll be doing my thing here and on Hot Dog Stories and Eat West.

Unfortunately, there won't be any videos until the weekend. My laptop had an ugly encounter with a very dry martini this past weekend (with two bleu cheese stuffed olives). The encounter caused the CTRL key to remain stuck, which means the computer isn't recognizing keystrokes for the password login. A new keyboard is on its way, so I should be back in action making the videos soon. I thought my desktop would be up to the task, but it is nearly 7 years old and, in computer terms, a bit of an antique!

You can see the write up of our visit to Fred's Franks in Wakefield, MA today on Hot Dog Stories.

Tomorrow, we venture to Maine!

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