National Hot Dog Month Tour 2012 Day 8

Normally, I'd have a rather pithy little description about my daily hot dog here along with a few photos. Today, Mrs. HDM and I had DEEP FRIED hot dogs at the Robin's Nest, a little summer shack type joint in Rochester, MA.

I shot the standard video, got some decent footage, and loaded it onto my laptop. I spent most of Saturday night reviving my laptop from a rather unfortunate encounter with a martini, and I thought I had the problem taken care of. 

When I returned home from our hot dog story at the Robin's nest this afternoon, I loaded the video onto the laptop with the idea that I'd edit it up sometime tonight. 

We returned home around 10 PM and now my laptop won't turn on. 

SO, I can't access the raw video files since I can't turn on the damn computer.

That means no video for July 8th's stop on the National Hot Dog Month Tour, at least not until I resolve this issue.

Suffice to say, I have had a few choice words this evening, but with a visit to Larry Joe's New England Fire Pit on the docket for tomorrow, I will definitely have some entertaining footage of  THAT visit up on Hot Dog Stories by this time tomorrow night!

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