100th Different Hot Dog Joint: Spalla's

Hot Dog Stories is my website where I post photos and videos of my trips to hot dog joints all over the place. The tag line for the site is "eating hot dogs wherever I am."

I have had hot dogs in Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Montreal, New Jersey, New York, Florida, and Nevada. In the coming year, I plan on expanding my geographic reach.

Today marks a milestone for Hot Dog Stories; I will be visiting my 100th different hot dog establishment! I thought long and hard about where I wanted to go. 

I have been meaning to go to a local deli called Spalla's in Natick for a while now. They recently added Chicago Hot dogs to their menu and a full line of Vienna Beef products (including Italian Roast Beef). It was definitely on my "short list" of places in consideration for visit number 100.

When the RoadFood.com crowd announced their monthly Boston meet-up was going to be held at Spalla's, that sealed the deal! I enjoy meeting up with other foodies and hot dog aficionados. Chicago Hot Dogs are also one of my favorite topping styles.

At approximately 6 PM tonight, I will down a Chicago Hot Dog at Spalla's, completing my first 100 different hot dog joint visit close to home.

After this visit, I only have one more planned for 2012 (of course plans sometimes change). In 2013, I'd like to get closer to 200- maybe even get there! There are several "tours" in the works, but nothing is etched in stone.

Until then, happy 100th!

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