Shark Tank Entrepreneur David Mealey Answers The Question

I interviewed David Mealey from Back 9 Dips for the Shark Tank Blog today. He appeared on Shark Tank last Friday and got a $150K investment for 25% of his company, which makes Bubba's Chicken Dip, from Lori Greiner and Robert Herjavec. Bubba's Chicken Dip can best be described as "a Buffalo Wing on a chip." 

Sounds delish.

As I do with every Shark Tank entrepreneur I interview, I asked David the Question: "Do you put ketchup on your hot dogs?"

His answer: "I put Bubba's Chicken Dip on my hot dogs!"

That sounds good to me!

David went on to tell me he used to serve a deep fried hot dog when he was doing barbecue catering. He's a real hot dog aficionado. Originally from Cleveland, David told me his favorite hot dog joint is Steve's Hot Lunch, at 5004 Lorain Avenue. I will definitely check it out.

Thanks for the tip, and don't forget to send some dip!

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