Donna McCue from Fat Ass Fudge answers THE QUESTION

I recently spoke to Donna McCue, the very funny lady who pitched her Fat Ass Fudge on the Shark Tank Holiday Special. Donna's fudge is made with organic goat milk, organic goat milk butter, organic sugar, Belgian chocolate, and lots of LOVE! She claims her fudge (unlike men) never disappoints.

We talked about the usual Shark Tank stuff: her edit, stuff from behind the scenes, sales made after the show, and so-on. She also told me about some new products she has rolling out like her chocolate martini mix (I like just about anything that has "martini" in the title).

I also asked her the question:

"Do you put ketchup on your hot dogs?"

Donna, an Easthampton, NY resident, answered like a true New Yorker:

"I put mustard on my hot dogs. I like the natural casing dogs that crack open when you grill them. I'd never put ketchup on a hot dog!"

All I can say is "YEEESSSSSSS!"

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