HOORAY for Hoo-Rag

The good folks at Hoo-rag sent along a few samples for me to take a look at. What's a Hoo-rag, you ask? Well it's kind of a Do-rag/Survivor Buff/bandanna that has a whole bunch of uses. If you look at the cute cartoon below, you'll see it can be used as a pony tail tie, neck warmer, balaclava, head band, bandanna, face warmer, or stylish choker. I would have liked to have one of these in the Hot Dog Truck to hold a bag of ice on my head on a hot day!
The Hoo-rag is a stretchy nylon tube, about a foot and a half long. It fits over my fat head, so it will stretch out over just about anything. It was pretty chilly out today, so I tried it out as a neck warmer and as a liner under my wool "took" (wool is warm but it makes my head itchy). I must say, it's a pretty versatile little, erm, Hoo-rag! I'm wearing it "pirate style" around the house tonight, just to horrify my teen-age daughter (I keep threatening to wear it like this the next time I have to drop her off somewhere).

Hoo-rags come in a whole bunch of designs and colors. You can even get them made with your own logo on them. I tried it out as a complete cover up. This will be a nice extra little layer for the coming COLD New England winter.

 I'll definitely be using it the same way next summer while fishing. The sun is sometimes unbearable and I put on my hoodies so I don't completely fry. Hoodies get hot though, especially when it's 90+ degrees out!

Little Miss tried it as a head band. She wants one!

Check out the Hoo-Rag website for ordering information, or just go look at their Facebook page. I'll be doing a little video about the Hoo-rag soon. In the mean time: HOORAY FOR HOO-RAG!!!

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