Mike Kane of Cell Helmet answers THE QUESTION

I spoke with Mike Kane the other day. He's the CEO and co-founder of Cell Helmet. I was interviewing him for The Shark Tank Blog.

Cell Helmet is an iPhone case company based out of Pittsburgh. They sell cell phone cases with something extra: a damage guarantee. If your iPhone breaks in their case, they'll fix it for a small fee.

Mike and I chatted about the business and how manufacturing and customer service are handled right in Pittsburgh.This company truly is making it in the USA!

I got around to asking Mike THE QUESTION:

"Do you put ketchup on your hot dogs?"

His reply:

"Yes. Absolutely. After all, I'm from Pittsburgh, the home of Heinz!"

While the answer is admirable for keeping with Cell Helmet's civic mission, I just have one thing to say to Mike: Heinz makes mustard too!

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1 comment:

Bob Kane said...

Ketchup truck wreck! I dont know whether to cry or go dip a ton of hotdogs in it! Ahhh!!


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