Romy Taormina Answers THE QUESTION

I spoke with Romy Taormina today. She's the founder and inventor of Psi Bands, a stylish acupressure wrist band that helps relieve nausea from motion sickness, morning sickness, and chemotherapy. She's on Shark Tank in a few days and I got the pre-show scoop on her business for the Shark Tank Blog.

Romy's last name is also the name of a beautiful town in Sicily. She told me about applying for Shark Tank and the motivation behind starting her business.

I asked her what happens on the show, but she wouldn't tell me.

She did answer THE QUESTION: 

"Do you put ketchup on your hot dogs?"

Her answer:

"No. I’m a mustard girl."

An EXCELLENT answer! Romy won't be needing any Psi Bands for condiment related nausea, that's for sure!

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