Caleb Light and David Toledo answer THE QUESTION

I spoke with Caleb Light and David Toledo recently to do a pre show interview for the Shark Tank Blog. They're pitching their invention, called Power Pot, in episode 524. The Power Pot is a cooking pot that can actually charge USB devices! 

The two Utah-based entrepreneurs are camping enthusiasts and former Eagle Scouts. (I never made it to Eagle once I discovered cars, girls, and beer) We spoke about running successful Kickstarter campaigns, their invention, and the Shark Tank exerperience.

I also asked them THE QUESTION:

"Do you put ketchup on your hot dogs?"

Their answers:

Caleb: "YES!"

David: "I put everything on my hot dogs, including ketchup."

These guys better not boil hot dogs in the Power Pot! I honestly expected more from two Eagle Scouts. GUYS, you're MEN now, you aint in the BOY Scouts any more!

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