5 Old Post Meme

Dunne has done it to me. And it couldn't come at a better time as I am kinda busy over the next few days! I need to pick 5 old posts to show here, then tag 5 other folks to pick five of their old posts. Thanks, Dunne.

I was just looking through old posts to replay tonight too, kind of spooky if you ask me!

So here's five of my favorites:

Hottie Dogs A story about 2 gals making their way in the world of hot dog vending!

The Office of the Jury Commissioner for the Commonwealth Bureaucracy out of control!

Interview with the Hotdogman Learn stuff about the hotdogman!

Hot Dog Nitty Gritty I goof on Otilius here.

Spell Check-Rant Don't get me started!

Now I get to pick five to do the same, and here they are:

Kittywhip Dig Deep Dawn!

mxi he might not have five funny old posts!

Kuanyin I think the posts need to be from the same blog!

Otilius He always wins Battle of the Blogs!

Ben He still hasn't stopped by the truck!

Have fun out there people!

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1 comment:

Dunn said...

Hi Rob!
Thank you for re-sharing them. I like the "Jury" one. :D
~ dunn ~

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