Hotdogman vs. Hamburgerman

Casey's Diner is near and dear to my heart. It's located in my hometown of Natick, Ma, and I had my first hot dog there in 1969 when I was four years old. The Casey family has been selling hot dogs in this town since 1890, which makes them the oldest, continuously run, hot dog business in the world! Casey's is housed in a lovingly preserved Worcester Lunch Car, which the family purchased in 1922.

Here's fourth generation proprietor Pat Casey, hard at work during the lunch hour.

Pat took himself away from the dogs for a minute to help me do a little commercial for the upcoming National Hot Dog Month Tour.

While hot dogs are normally the fare for me at Casey's, there are plenty of other things on the menu too- including some of the best hamburgers on the planet.

I decided Casey's burgers needed some Hot Dog Truck love, but I thought burgers were a bit out of my realm, so I brought in an expert. I reached out to Burger blogger and chef Richard Chudy. He runs the Boston Burger Blog. 2-3 times a month, Richard ventures out to burger joints, orders up, snaps some photos and reviews burgers in the city. Richard enjoys burgers from the simplest "greasy spoon" variety all the way up to expensive, gourmet style burgers. When he's not munching on burgers, he runs the Skinny Beet with girlfriend Katie Barszcz from A Small Boston Kitchen. Together they do catering, give cooking lessons, and work as private chefs. Food is their life. Richard and I snapped a photo in front of Casey's before jumping into the belly of the beast.

Also along for the ride today was Drew Bennet from the Benspark blog. Drew is a mommy blogger supreme, lover of fine foods, and he's going to be riding shotgun with me on the National Hot Dog Month Tour this summer. He even managed to score us a bunch of new camera equipment from Kodak for the tour.

After exchanging pleasantries, we ordered up some of Casey's famous cheeseburgers. We each got a bacon cheeseburger with onions grilled in.

While the burgers were cooking, Drew Chowed Down on a Hot Dog. Hey Drew- don't eat the plate!

I Chowed Down on a hot dog too. I usually get one as an appetizer when I have a burger at Casey's.

Before long, the burgers were done. Richard took a bunch of close up pictures of his before eating it. He has very nice burger photos on his blog.

Richard Chowed Down on his burger like a true pro. Note the  forward hunch while Chowing Down; he definitely gets some style points there!

I of course chowed down too. Drew ate his so fast, I didn't get a picture!

Judging by the smile on Richard's face, I'd say he enjoyed his burger! 

We both gave Casey's burgers TWO THUMBS UP!

Drew wanted a picture for his site. He even did a post and video on the visit to Casey's too.

For the rest of the story of the Hotdogman meeting the Hamburgerman and to get Richard's take on Casey's burgers, Check out Hot Dog Stories.

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