Smart Bakers Daniel and Stephanie Rensing answer "The Question"

I spoke to Daniel  Rensing yesterday. Dan and his childhood sweetheart and wife Stephanie are co-founders of The Smart Baker. Their business was recently featured on The Shark Tank and I called Dan up to interview him for the Shark Tank Blog.

After we had finished talking about their appearance on the show, I asked Dan "The Question."

He was also authorized to answer for his wife, Stephanie.

As much as I enjoyed their appearance on The Shark Tank, and as happy as I am for both of them for their success, I am sorry to say they have brought the "childhood" part of the "childhood sweethearts" equation into adulthood. Despite their youthful appearance, Dan and Stephanie are well over age 18.

And they BOTH put Ketchup on their hot dogs! Stephanie actually confesses to having hot dogs with her ketchup- UGH! Dan tried to blame his mom for his current affliction, but I wasn't buying it.

While I am happy for their post-Shark Tank success, I think they need to have another look at the Rules.

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